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The Southern Riviera

Our inspiration is European, but our influence is distinctly American: memorable service, exceptional ingredients, and the artful preparations that have made the European Riviera justifiably famous. We just add a little bit of Louisiana flavor – which is exactly what they’re missing, if we may be so bold…




Meet The Team



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Samuel Peery 

Executive Chef

Born in Virginia and raised in Tennessee, Chef Samuel Peery found his passion for food at a young age. Watching his grandmother’s hard work in the kitchen, turning family recipes into delicious meals, stuck with him; at college, he began working in local kitchens. He loved the rush that came during the hectic parts of a busy service, as well as the beauty and balance of a well-composed dish. From there, his path was set.

Before joining the Fontenot team in 2022, Chef Peery worked at R’evolution under Cajun-Creole legend Chef John Folse. He is a Level 1 Sommelier who has spent extensive time cooking in Italy, and his experiences in Tennessee, Denver, Piedmont, and Salento have transformed his career and made him an able translator of culinary styles and techniques perfect for King. 

When he is not cooking, Chef Peery is often found outdoors, hiking, biking, or snowboarding.

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Jessica Retif  

Food + Beverage Director

Jessica Retif is a New Orleans native with more than 15 years of experience in hospitality. Most recently, she was a beverage consultant with Pomegranate Hospitality for the Four Seasons New Orleans, developing their opening cocktail and zero-proof programs for Miss River and Chandelier Bar. She also opened Saba restaurant, and worked closely with award-winning Chef Alon Shaya, and developed the cocktail program for Shaya at the time of their James Beard Award nomination and win. 

Retif earned her degree in Film + Theatre Production at the University of New Orleans, and studied Japanese Film at Doshisha University in Kyoto. Outside of work, she enjoys exploring outdoors, natural history museums, fine art exhibitions, and dark room photography



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Zakary Meszaros

Executive Sous Chef

A professional chef with over 12 years of fine dining kitchen experience, Chef Zakary Meszaros most recently was Executive Sous Chef at Restaurant R’evolution working with renowned Cajun and Creole Chef John Folse. Prior to that, as Chef Tournant at Compere Lapin, Chef Meszaros filled a variety of culinary responsibilities and trained cooks to uphold Michelin standards at the restaurant helmed by celebrity Chef Nina Compton in the heart of the Warehouse Arts District in New Orleans.

Chef Zakary Meszaros graduated from Johnson and Wales University in Charlotte, NC, with a Culinary Arts degree as well as a Bachelor of Science, Food and Beverage Management.


Pastry Chef Lanna Talley

Lanna Talley

Pastry Chef